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Cordelia's Collection

This was designed for a very special friend...Cordelia. She is bold and beautiful so something ordinary would never do.

She is "on fire" with the Holy Spirit and it flows through her like water from a spigot! These colors match her to a "T" and she wears this well.

The 18" necklace is mostly polymer clay components but is highlighted with silver pewter beads hanging on coordinating silk cord with silver closure.

The earrings are all polymer clay, hanging on sterling silver ear wires.


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Jewelry Sets Gallery

Images by Saved Spirit Designs

Saved Spirit Designs
Handcrafted Jewelry and other Artisan

Blue Striped

These are blue/tan/cream striped polymer clay short-tubes, complemented with small silver disks, and denim blue glass beads.

A simple yet, statement-making set to go with your favorite sparkly dress or blue jeans and a tee shirt!

The bracelet is an easy stretch and earrings hang on sterling silver earwires.

Can be bought separately on the bracelets or earrings gallery pages.

Textured Abstract

This set is an abstract of golds, blues, reds and copper polymer clay, and textured along the random patterns that were created by just kneading the clay. This set is a gorgeous one-of-a-kind.

Cording is a brillliant gold silk with silver clasp and bail, and earrings hang on sterling silver earwires.

Elegant set without being pretentious.

Even though this is a OOAK set, it can be reproduced with the same colors and similar effect.

Each handcrafted polymer clay, one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece can be reproduced however every piece may look slightly different.

Click on picture to see close-up.

Copper Nuggets

Pretty necklace and stretch bracelet set that includes polymer clay "nuggets" that are shapped like elongated pumpkins flanked on every side by tiny wood and coppery disks.

Necklace hangs on brown leather with a matching nugget closure.

Each nugget is about 1/2 to 3/4" in length. Can be made with smaller nuggets if requested.

Turquoise and Coffee

You may have seen the earrings on the Earrings page and the necklace on the Necklace page, but here they are together...AS A SET!!! HOORAY!!!

All polymer clay focal beads are combined with silver, coordinating Swarovski crystals and polymer clay "coffee beans" to create a sublime combo of colors and textures.

Necklace can be 16 or 18" with approximately 2 inch pendant. Earrings are on silver hoops with 1" polymer drops.

Can be bought separately on the necklaces and earrings gallery pages.


Original made for my niece and Godchild; a very special woman in my life.

Focal polymer clay pendant of deepest purple hangs on two cords of coordinating silk and leather. Silver beads, tiny square beads in purple aurora borealis, matching purple ribbon bows and purple polymer clay balls complete this lighweight, yet bountiful, necklace.

Earrings are simple matching square beads in purple aurora borealis and silver t0 perfect the look.

Mica Mama

This set was made for the best Mama a girl could ask for...mine! Shirley has enjoyed this set and I am adding it to the website for others to enjoy their own version! See our Jewelry Care and Info page to read about the fabulousness that is Mica!!! Its amazing stuff!!! Make it your own by adding it to your cart and adding your color choices to the comments section!

Bracelet is stretch, necklace is adjustable silk cording and earrings are about 1" in length hanging on silver earwires. The mica disks are roughly 1" in diameter and about 1/4" thickness...can be made smaller if requested in comments

New Mommy

Pretty two-strand Swarovski and silver bracelet commemorating the special Mommy and baby bond. Includes baby and Mommy's birthstones in bicone Swarovski crystals, coordinating crystal colors, silver baby booties charm, "MOM" heart charm, and baby's name in silver heart beads.

The set includes matching Swarovski crystal earrings on silver earwires.

Include birthdates for baby and Mommy and baby's name in comments section of cart.